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MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics 2017 LE

MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics 2017 LE Release Jänner 2017
Für Anfang 2017 kündigt MAC eine große 50-teilige Kollektion in Kooperation mit drei Makeup Artists an. Die Idee ist nicht ganz neu, 2009 gab es schon mal eine gleichnamige Kollektion nach dem selben Konzept.
Die Kollektion besteht aus drei Teilen, jeweils einem der drei Artists zugeordnet: Kabuki, James Kaliardos and Diane Kendal.
Weitere Details zu den Produkten sind noch nicht bekannt, alle Infos folgen hier natürlich sobald wie möglich.

"Makeup masters Kabuki, James Kaliardos and Diane Kendal create iconic beauty styles that impact the runway and culture at large.Now, they join forces with M·A·C to channel their unique talents into individual colour collections reflecting their signatures."

Quote from M∙A∙C Senior Vice President/Group Creative Director James Gager: "Makeup professionals embody the spirit and heritage of the M∙A∙C culture. Legendary makeup artists Kabuki, James Kaliardos and Diane Kendal have been a part of the M∙A∙C family for many years, keying our shows at fashion weeks around the globe and working on our various visual campaigns. It was only natural that we collaborate with these artistic visionaries, each revealing their distinct makeup personalities, on an extensive 50 piece collection.”
Quote from M∙A∙C Senior Vice President, Global Product Development Jennifer Balbier: "Artistry and product innovation are at the core of M∙A∙C Cosmetics. For many years we've worked with Kabuki, James and Diane backstage creating makeup looks and providing invaluable new product feedback at countless fashion weeks. It was a natural progression to collaborate with them on their own collections with new products and their favorite shades and tools."

Quote from Kabuki: “M∙A∙C gave me complete freedom with this collection and turned my wish list into reality. Whether you're a make-up artist or if you just like getting dolled up, I think you will love the colors, textures and long-lasting wearability of these products.”
Quote from James Kaliardos: “I’ve been using M∙A∙C since I started working as a makeup artist and I am thrilled to work with them on this collection. I drew inspiration from their archive of colors that I’ve loved and used over the years. I want every woman using my products to feel beautiful and confident by being able to perfect her look in an easy to use way.”
Quote from Diane Kendal: "Working with M∙A∙C in a variety of ways over the years — be it on shows or campaigns — I have always loved their products and this is reflected in my work and my kit, as I am always fully stocked with M∙A∙C. I’m very excited to have been asked to collaborate on this collection with James & Kabuki as we all have our own distinct styles which will compliment and show case the collection to its fullest."
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  1. Eine 50-teilige LE?! O.o Ich geh schonmal nen Sparplan anlegen - das ist mein Untergang ;D

    Liebe Grüße :)

    1. Hi Claudia, ja genau deswegen werden wir schon rechtzeitig vorgewarnt :-D

  2. Oh, da bin ich aber schon gespannt! Danke fürs Teilen.
    Christina ♥


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