Urban Decay Holiday 2013

Urban Decay Holiday 2013

Von Urban Decay gibt es wieder einige Sets für Weihnachten, unter anderem eine Neuauflage der begehrten Vice Palette!
Leider sind wir hier überwiegend auf UK Shops angewiesen, die Produkte bekommt ihr bei hqhair, debenhams, houseoffraser, beautybay und lookfantastic. Einige der Shops bieten sogar kostenlosen Versand an, es ist also kein Problem in UK zu kaufen. Und in den USA bei Sephora, Ulta und Macys.

Vice 2 ca.47€
Judging by the all-too-frequent requests on our Facebook page to “bring back Vice!,” we’re not the only  ones with an insatiable shadow addiction. For fans that missed out the first time (and beauty junkies  jonesing for their next fix), Urban Decay launches Vice 2—a luxe, sophisticated palette loaded with 20  ALL-NEW (and unbelievably gorgeous) Eyeshadow shades. Experiment with insanely cool brights, not- your-average neutrals, and sexy hits of smoke, all in our decadent, revamped formula. But here’s the part  we can’t stress enough: YES, it’s limited edition and it WILL sell out. (And trust us, you don’t want to  know about the extreme measures you’d have to resort to in order to land one when that happens.)
Smokeout - Dark taupey-black satin     
Lovesick - Black matte with iridescent micro-glitter     
Shellshock - Bright metallic silver     
Coax - Medium metallic pink with golden iridescent micro-sparkle     
X-Rated - Baby pink satin     
Prank - Deep navy matte with turquoise floating pearl     
Madness - Bright metallic blue shimmer with blue micro-glitter     
Strike - Antique gold shimmer with silver micro-glitter     
Stash - Deep olive green shimmer with iridescent micro-sparkle     
Poison - Charcoal satin with iridescent micro-sparkle     
Radar - Metallic brown shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter     
Damaged - Bright metallic emerald shimmer     
Voodoo - Metallic purple shimmer with iridescent purple micro-glitter     
Betrayal - Bright purple satin with blue shift     
Derailed - Medium metallic taupey-brown shimmer     
Dope - Warm champagne satin     
Toxic - Metallic copper-pink shimmer with tonal micro-glitter     
Habit - Light nude matte     
Ambush - Metallic brown satin     
Rewind - Medium brown matte

Shattered Face Case ca. 38€
Urban Decay launches Shattered Face Case—an all-in-one palette for the most discriminating  beauty junkies. This LIMITED-edition palette includes colours for your eyes, lips and cheeks (most  of them NEW and EXCLUSIVE), giving you all the essentials for a range of looks. Perfect for quick  getaways, rushed mornings and last-minute invites to stay the night, this travel-size palette fits  stealthily into your bag—making it easy to create a hot look no matter where you are. 
Eyeshadow Nameless - Medium gray-brown satin (New & Exclusive)
Eyeshadow Remix - Rich purple shimmer with tonal micro-glitter
Eyeshadow Shakedown - Rich brown-gunmetal satin 
Eyeshadow Minor Sin - Champagne-pink satin 
Eyeshadow Bleach Yellow-beige matte 
Blush Overexposed - Dusty rose 
Blush Temper Soft - baby pink 
Highlighter Glint - Soft pink-champagne shimmer 
Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color Lovechild - Cool pink cream Zero Zealous black cream
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Zero - zealous black cream

Anarchy Face Case ca. 38€
Eyeshadow Redemption - Deep gunmetal satin 
Eyeadhow Fray - Warm mauve matte 
Eyeshadow Vaporize - Deep metallic gray-taupe shimmer
Eyeshadow Provocateur - Light metallic mauve shimmer with multidimensional micro-glitter     
Eyeshadow Revolt - Bright metallic silver shimmer with silver micro-glitter 
Blush Fetish - Mauve-pink     
Blush Quickie - Bright pink     
Highlighter Craze - Pale gold shimmer
Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color Scandal - Bright metallic raspberry shimmer     
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Perversion - Blackest black matte 

Black Market 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set ca. 32€
Like the most addictive of illicit substances, our 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil sets have been known  to provoke some pretty insane behavior in fans eager for more of our creamy, forever-lasting liner.  (Remember Ocho Loco? Of course you do. Enough said.) Urban Decay launches Black Market 24/7  Glide-On Eye Pencil Set. The perfect travel-size stash, this LIMITED-edition set includes six darkly  gorgeous hues of our award-winning liner—including FIVE EXCLUSIVE new shades.
West - Dark brown pearl 
Desperation - Deep taupe-gray matte     
Black Market - Charcoal black satin   
Riot - Smoky gray matte with violet and fuchsia micro-sparkle 
Apathy - Metallic olive green shimmer 
Ink - Deep navy blue satin

Ocho Loco 2 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set  ca. 45€ (House of Fraser exklusiv)
When our Ocho Loco Eye Pencil Set launched last year, we knew it would be popular—but we had  no idea just how popular. The frenzy was so out of control that we’re still getting a ton of requests  for it (nearly a year later!). With that kind of demand, we’d be crazy not to do a follow-up. Urban  Decay launches Ocho Loco 2. This LIMITED-edition set features a dark, edgy rainbow of eight  FULL-SIZE 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils—including FIVE EXCLUSIVE new shades.
Roach - Deep copper brown shimmer
Twice Baked - Rich brown satin with gold micro-sparkle 
Crave - Deepest, darkest brown-black matte 
Perversion - Blackest black matte 
Deep End - Bright metallic peacock shimmer 
Mars - Bright metallic green shimmer 
Ultraviolet - Bright blue-violet shimmer 
Tornado - Dark eggplant pearl 

Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner ca. 18€
Like a gateway drug to hardcore sparkle, Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner provides a heavy dose  of glam-rock—minus the frequent stints in rehab. But lest these glittery liners fade away into  obscurity like far too many once-hot rock stars (Axl Rose, anyone?), we decided it was time to give  them a makeover. Urban Decay relaunches Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner. It’s the same fan-favourite  formula as before, just with a hot new look and two new shades. This water-based, buildable liner  contains super-fine glitter in a clear base that dries down quickly and REALLY stays put (for long  wear without any fallout). Wear Heavy Metal alone, apply it over our Eyeshadow or layer two  shades together for a more intense glam-rock effect.
Midnight Cowboy - Beige glitter     
Glamrock - Silver glitter     
Distortion - Iridescent glitter     
ACDC - Bright purple glitter     
Spandex - Deep blue-black with iridescent glitter     
Amp - Light blue with iridescent glitter 
Junkshow - Bright pink with iridescent glitter (new)

Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder ca. 26€ (Debenhams exklusiv)
Ever wanted to get that gorgeous Naked flush all over (even when you haven’t actually done the  deed)? Urban Decay launches Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body. This  soft, glowing beige powder contains a sophisticated, microfine shimmer worthy of the Naked  name. You really have to see it to appreciate how insanely beautiful it is. Simply dust on Naked  Illuminated Shimmering Powder wherever you want to create an instant Naked glow. This smooth,  silky powder contains light-reflecting particles that create a luminous, radiant look. Like the perfect  quickie, it gives you a sexy, just-finished flush that will have people asking what (or whom) you’ve  been doing.
Naked - Soft, glowing beige powder

Bildrechte Urban Decay PR


  1. Die Vice 2 Palette habe ich und finde sie fantastisch, so schöne Farben und bis auf 2 haben alle einen top Qualität! Das Shattered Face case hatte mich auch noch interessiert, aber bei HQhair war es schon weg...

    1. Die Face Cases find ich sehr schick! Mir gefällt vor allem das Anarchy!

  2. Die Vice 2 muss ich auch haben...da ich fast alle UD Paletten habe

    1. Im letzten Jahr hat sie mich auch schon sehr interessiert aber ich hab mich dann doch dagegen entschieden weil ich eigentlich schon alle Farben vom MAC hab :-/ ist aber schon toll vom Preis her und dafür so viele Farben!

  3. Bei Sephora Luxemburg und Frankreich kann man auch noch gucken...
    Viele Grüße,

  4. Die Vice 2 Palette werd ich mir wohl zulegen müssen, weil ich die 1er schon so toll finde :D

  5. Wie kann man bei House of Frases das nicht shipping zu Deutschland umgehen ? es heißt nämlich nur das sie nach Irland und Uk liefern ?
    Meine Mutter wollte nämlich gerne die Liner zu Weihnachten haben ?
    Wenn ihr Ideen habt gebt sie mir bitte durch (:

    1. Da hab ich auch noch nicht bestellt, mit HQhair klappt es gut oder beautybay, da hab ich selber schon bestellt, haben die das Set nicht mehr?

    2. Ich hab nochmal nachgeschaut unter Shipping Details steht dass sie für 6 Pfund nach Deutschland und Österreich schicken! Also eigentlich müsste es gehen! Außer sie haben für UD eine Ausnahme, manche Marken werden ausgenommen.

    3. Das Problem ist es wird angezeigt das es nicht Internatiol shippmentfähig ist.


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