MAC Colour Forms LE

MAC Colour Forms LE US Release 18.7.2008

Naked to the Core - Creamy soft neutral pink outer w/ sheer beige pearlized core (Lustre)
Pop Circle - Creamy bright blue pink outer w/ sheer pale pink pearlized core (Lustre)
Inner Hue - Creamy mid-tone coral outter w/ sheer golden peach pearlized core (Lustre)
Rose Go Round - Creamy burgundy outer w/ sheer golden pink pearlized core (Lustre)

Royal Flush - Frosty mid-tone red
Gilded Green - Frosty mid-tone green w/ gold pearlized pigments
Tea Time - Bronzed brown w/ multi-dimensional pearlized pigments
Jardin Aires - Tan w/ gold pearlized pigments (Repromote)
Circa Plum - Frosty mid-tone lavender
Steel Blue - Rich deep turquoise greenblue w/ small pearlized pigments (PRO)

Colour Form Powder
Sun Centered
- Coral with gold pearlized pigments, mid-tone bronze, soft wheat with gold & silver pearlized pigments, soft peach with white pearlized pigments
Play Around Pink - Intense blue mid-tone pink with pearlized pigments, plum, soft pink with pink & white pearlized pigments, light pink

Richmetal Highlighter
Richmetal Highlighter is a highlighter that can be used to create intense, multi-dimensional, metallic-looking effects on the skin. This product was also released with MACouture, but with different colours.
Female - Frosty pale pink w/ green gold pearlized pigments
Deep Deposit - Frosty deep blackened burgundy
Quick Flash - Frosty warm gold
Rose Bullion - Frosty mid-tone pink w/ gold pearlized pigments
Dark Influence - Frosty purple w/ pink pearlized pigments
Positive Charge - Frosty copper w/ gold pearlized pigments

Eye Palette
5 Warm Eyes
Fertile-blackened brown (S)
Chillproof - Frosty creamy white (F)
Tancentic - Frosty beige pink (VP)
Rolled Gold - Frosty golden olive (L)
Rustic - Frosted copper red (VP)
213SE Brush
5 Cool Eyes
Radial Pink - Frosty white pink (V)
Brown Border - Frosty plum(VP)
Spot Colour - Mid-tone blue purple w/ white pearlized pigments (L)
Blue Spill - Mid-tone cornflower blue w/ gold pearlized pigments (F)
Slate-Smoke grey (S)
213SE Brush

Lip Palette
Warm Lips
Fresh and Fun Lipstick - Creamy neutral coral (F)
Oh Garnet Lipstick - Creamy mid-tone red (A) (Repromote)
Flash of Flesh Lipglass - Sheer peach pink w/ multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (Repromote)
316SE Brush
Cool Lips
Miss Rose Lipstick - Creamy mid-tone blue pink (L)
Cassis Royale Lipstick - Sheer mid-tone plum (L)
Virginity Lipglass - Sheer mid-tone pink w/ pink pearlized pigments
316SE Brush
Neutral Lips
Altered Beige Lipstick - Creamy yellow beige (L)
Square Root Lipstick - Mid-tone burnt bronze (F)
Lunar Lipstick - Sheer creamy yellow beige w/ white pearlized pigments
316SE Brush

Brush Set
5 Advanced Brushes
5 Basic Brushes
Bilder Maccosmetics

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