MAC Lipglass, 3D Glass, Lustreglass, Glitz Gloss Swatches

MAC Lipglass Swatches
Ich hab mal alle meine Lipglass, 3D Glass, Lustreglass und Glitz Gloss geswatched. Generell mag ich Lippenstifte lieber davon hab ich auch mehr als von Glossen.
Meine Lieblingsfarben sind: Russian Red, Pink Poodle und Style Minx

Lipglass Crazy Haute (Colour Craft LE)

Lipglass Electric Edge (Colour Craft LE), Lipglass Funky Fusion (Colour Craft LE)

Lipglass Sheer Vision (Intriguing Scarlet 3 Cool Lips Palette LE), Lipglas Miss Marble (Colour Craft LE)

Lipglass Liberated (Style Warrior LE), Lipglass FierceFabulous (Style Warrior LE)

Glitz Gloss Afterparty (Rebelrock) 3D Glass Apex (In 3D LE)

Lipglass Conversational (Stylistics LE) Lipglass Cult Fave (Fafi LE)

Lipglass Cult of Cherry (Cult of Cherry LE) Lipglass Flash of Flesh (Colour Forms 3 Warm Lips Palette)

Lipglass Frostlight (Adoring Carmine Lip Set) Lipglass Happening Gel (Barnie LE)

Lipglass Hot Frost (Dame Edna LE) Lipglass Loop Around (Novel Twist 3 Pink Lips Palette)

Lipglass Lunar (Colour Forms 3 Neutral Lips Palette) Lipglass Lychee Luxe (standard)

Lipglass Naked Frost (Chill LE) Lipglass New Flame (Dress Sets)

Lipglass Pink Poodle (standard) Lustreglass Pinkarat (standard)

Lipglass Precocious (Tempt Me LE) Lipglass Rambling (Novel Twist 3 Coral Lips Palette)

Glitz Gloss Ramoneo (Rebelrock LE) Lipglass Red Devil (Brunette Blonde Redhead LE)

Lipglass Red Romp (Antiquitease LE) Lipglass Russian Red (standard)

Lipglass Scribbles (Novel Twist 3 Plum Lips Palette) Lipglass Sock Hop (Heatherette LE)

Lipglass Sphere (Patternmaker 3 Pink Lips Palette) Lipglass Strawberry Blonde (Brunette Blonde Redhead LE)

Lipglass Style Minx (Heatherette LE) Lipglass Supreme (Neo Sci Fi LE)

Lipglass Tastemaker (Stylistics LE) Lipglass Totally It (Fafi LE)

Lipglass Transparent Love (Devoted Poppy 3 Coral Lips LE) Lipglass Virginity (Colour Forms 3 Cool Lips LE)

Lipglass Viva Glam V (standard) Lipglass Witty (Stylistics LE)